Harambee workshop

Convening at Speke Resort Munyonyo, the End of Phase1 Harambee workshop was one of the most involving workshops I have ever been to. The well mix of participants that involved the Harambee Coordination Committee, Focus Network Coordinators and Small Grant Applicants created a great learning and participatory experience for everyone.

From the look of the whole workshop setting on day one, you could tell that participants were more than anxious to explore what had brought them to this enriching event and more so the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. To create more excitement, participants were introduced to a whole new way of introduction sessions, which come to be called “speed networking” taken from the famous speed-dating. I believe this was to increase more chances of networking and collaboration amongst participants. Following these introductions, I found myself witnessing yet other new methodologies of workshop participation like, World cafes, spectrogram, and open space to mention but a few. All these were meant to enrich participants with knowledge sharing tools, facilitation and coordination skills.

I could not help hearing one participant say, I really think this workshop has been very interactive and participatory. Well, how well would one best define Harambee, which was strategically used to best describe the project! Way to go the founders!!!!!

My excitement could not be held back as participants told stories about the social outings they had during the evenings. How they found Uganda interesting and a very vibrate place to be. I could not help but thank the facilitators and organizers, of which I happened to be one of them. What more would you need than a praise from a meal well cooked?!


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  1. This is the moment I have been waiting for. It is a wonderful blog that I felt you should have shared a long time ago as opposed to me discovering it through the Google search of your accomplishments.

    It is another good blog. Please keep up and always share.

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