First impressions

I always hear people say that first impressions matter. I happened to have dinner at a nice restaurant with a friend over the weekend; little did I know that we had company. So we enter the restaurant and I am lead to a table of four, where the other two have already sat. Forgetting my manners, I just sit, ignoring these guys since I was already overwhelmed by the conversation I was having with my friend. From the look of things, these guys are not bothered by my presence. So I happened to not mind them either. However, as we made our orders, I realized that it was not right for me to join people without introducing myself. So I went ahead, starting; “hello sorry I did not introduce myself, I am Lillian. They joined in saying am….!

It is not good to judge people because even the Bible says that only God has the power to do so. But hey! Here I am with people I have just meant for the first time and no one is really bothered to know about the other!

This gets me thinking of how we grew up. Some parents tame their children to always greet people they find although others tell them never to talk to strangers. However, in the modern world, were we keep meeting new people, I wonder who loses if we just let people pass us by. I guess the need to create a social network fits in well under such a scenerio. At the end of it all, I did not have any thing to lose making the first move.


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