Interaction with a wiki

I promised myself to blog atleast everyday, but i guess i can break my own promises. Afterall, i have myself to balme. Alright, enough of my talk, back to business. Well where was I? Ok the Web2.0 tools.

I started my interaction with these tools a year back but the experience is quite amazing. They say it takes one to make two but i say its three to make four. There is this one time i even called myself a wiki consultant since everyone at the office was running to me for help on how to use the tool. However as time passed, i became relunctant to persue the usefulness of this tool. Until recently, i was called on to develop a wiki for one of our sister organisation, Hallmark that i really mastered the nitty gritty of wikis. Not only have i have been able to pass on the skill, but the staff have been able to generate content, and as a result produced better working documents.

This however gets me thinking as to whether these web2.0 tools are the solution to Africa’s ICT4D problems. Given problems of accessibility and connectivity that seem to be an everyday song in rural Africa, am still exploring these tools can be intergrated in the rural communities.

Any solutions!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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