At last Friday is here!!

Everyone has got days they love in a week. For me, Friday has always been my best day of the week. First, am thinking about the things i will do over the weekend but most of all, am happy that i will have to get quality sleep on saturday morning. Hehehe!!, funny is it? Women and sleep!!!!!! I was reading a friends blog when she calls Sleep: a woman’s best friend; and leave it or not, women love their sleep.

Well, finally it is here. I am already planning for my Saturday morning sleep aha! and the many things i am going to do over the weekend.

Tired of having boring weekends?!!!!! Here is a list of ten things that you need to do to make your weekend interesting.

  • Get enough sleep in the morning, try waking up at around 8:00Am
  • Do some laundry
  • Clean up your closet
  • Participate in cleaning you compound
  • Visit a friend or your parents
  • Visit the saloon
  • Go out dancing or to movies with friends
  • Go to the beach
  • Call up that friend you have taken long to see and go out for a drink
  • Go for prayers if you are a christian

Try out these and see how joyful and fulfiling your weekend will be!


4 Responses

  1. … you have left out … plan or something for the person that means alot to you … Woman … why would u leave them out over the weekend plans?

  2. Edy, i assumed that was obvious lol

  3. Your honesty is appreciated.

  4. […] No doubt i love my Saturday mornings, but today i had another agenda. I always get excited on Fridays evenings, looking forward to get an early morning sleep on Saturdays. But alas! there is this […]

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