More on PSV chaos

In my last post i was expressing how chaotic it is in our Uganda today boarding a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) or taxi as we prefer to call them. Today i was again enlightened on why the situation is the way it is. That some taxis were taken to Southern Sudan as everyone of late is running there in the name of making money!!! Strange what Ugandans would do for money, I guess the “Get rich Quick” syndrome is robbing us of our services. For the last two days things have been fine, I manage to get a taxi that heads direct to town. But today, I should say the situation went back to “normal”, that is chaotic. As I was approaching the taxi stage, I found a taxi that was parked and there were many passengers waiting to board it. So I also joined the queue, as we were told the driver had not yet come. However, when the driver came, as usual the chaos started. People were stepping on each other to get inside so I was left out in the process. With so much anger, I decided to continue to the stage, where I found the usual taxis that do not reach town. Although the taxi was full, I choose to board after all there was no choice! In short I had to squeeze myself becoming an excess passenger as the conductors of these mighty vehicles would prefer to call us.

Now this is the most hilarious bit of the story. These drivers fear the traffic police a lot, so our driver was conscious of my presence in the car. First scenario, we reach a certain stage and a passenger stops to drop off his kid to school, the driver thinks “finally one problem solved”. But wait a minute as we are busy arranging ourselves, the guy jumps back into the car claiming he was just dropping off his kid. So i go back to my seat. Second scenario, we reach the mother of whole bus stops, the driver can not beat this one. So he stops, tells the conductor to release one passenger off!! The time has come and no turning back. Being the only passenger in “excess”, I majestically moved out. But as the saying goes, “when one door closes, another opens”, a car stops and this lady offers me a lift. Who was I to say no?!! This got me thinking, that no matter what we are going through, God is always there to see us through.


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  1. What a day to begin!

    It is interesting these days for some of us still on footsology! i thought i was really neglected on my road to office but now i see i have a bunch of friends in the same frying pan. But think of it this way, it is good to go through these moments because it gives you a different perspective in future when you see people passing-by, you probably will feel compassion and give them a lift too since some times back you could have justed needed that yourself

    Mine is more annoying, because of the “great northern by-pass”, all routes to my little home is cris-crossed with road construction making my life so vexing each time i am coming to office or going back home. The dust on either route you take is just ridiculous

    anyway, lets thank God for every moment for no situation is permanent

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