Road to acquiring knowledge

There is this saying that “knowledge is power”. I really do not know the origin of this saying but i agree with it. The more one becomes knowledgeable the more powerful they become in as far as knowing what to do when, how and where. As such they start being recognised everywhere they go. In my journey to becoming a powerful knowledgeable person, i decided to take onto a journey to discovering the roots of Internet. To this, i became quite excited when i was selected a member of the advisory committee on the National Internet Governance Forum in my country. I know it came as a shock to many since they wondered what i could have said that inspired participants to vote me. Anyway, that is another story i should have written some time back. Hopefully it will come out some day.

So my interest in learning more on Internet Governance(IG), led me to go to search engines where i landed on the DiploFoundation IG capacity building programme. I applied and was accepted. I believe this course will help me acquire more knowledge on IG and also help me participate more in IG forums. It is purely an online course, though i am keeping my figures crossed to be able to access the Internet whenever am required to be online. This is not because i do not have maximum Internet access, but the pain of slow connectivity is more annoying.

Today i managed to login into the online classroom which was created using Textus Learning; an e-learning platform, which i must easy is quite amazing. It provides a platform for meetings, resources, blog, forum, among others. I know i will not have so much difficult using it since i have ever participated in an e-learning framework before. So as i go through a list of activities for week1, i guess i should stop here as there are many things to cover.

Watch this space!!!!!!!


3 Responses

  1. This is what i call ambition and the will to drive it..keep it up!

  2. […] as I progress on understanding internet governance and the issues surrounding it. In the earlier blog, I mentioned on the importance of knowledge being informe. You will not believe it when if I said […]

  3. […] whether it is the best solution to the developing countries problems. I recently completed my Internet Governance Capacity Building programme with Diplo and this was one of the questions that popped out during the exam […]

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