Hectic saturday! Training Part 1

Put yourself in my shoes! No doubt i love my Saturday mornings, but today i had another agenda. I always get excited on Fridays evenings, looking forward to get an early morning sleep on Saturdays. But alas! there is this training i have to do. So i go home thinking God, do i have to wake so early on Saturday! One thing about me is that once i set my mind to do something, i certainly do it. I went to bed thinking about this training, i even dreamt about lol! yes i did, even when i turned in bed, the training was on my mind. He-he joking!!! You see when your mind is set to do something you will not rest until you have fully accomplished it. Correct me if i am wrong there!

Me standing, taking a trainee on how to open a blogOh yes, i am currently training some colleagues on computer basics and collaboration tools. This came as a call from a meeting we once had here at work. It was noted that some members needed to acquire ICT skills to enable them execute their work well. I volunteered to do the training especially on blogs and wikis! Quite challenging but its amazing how these guys have caught up so fast. It from a simple introduction to computers and MS Office tools to create a platform on which these guys would use start experimenting the new technologies (wikis & blogs). One of them even told me that they could only play games on a computer, yet another could only play music! while the rest could only surf the net and that was all. Some of these guys did not even have email accounts. So we went through setting up email accounts amidst how to open, read and compose mail! Where to upload pics, name it all. The list is endless

As i write now, the first batch is now blogging! My God! This is quite amazing.

Check out their personal sites!





They will also be blogging about their field experiences for the Hallmark blogs.

Watch out for part 2!


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  1. I am sure you’re doing a great work. It is true some people fancy being behind computers while in office but it is challenging to realize what they actually do with these computers…I one time found a lady who had a computer in her office but seldom used it…she would actually punch some keys when anyone enters her office to show she was busy…I realized the computer would be off…thanks for the good for the future of mostly Africa lies in ICT. Cheers and please keep on the good work. I am waiting for Part II. ABEL

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