On issues beyond my understanding!

It looks like what started as a mere journey is turning out to be tough and exciting as I progress on understanding internet governance and the issues surrounding it. In the earlier blog, I mentioned on the importance of knowledge being informe. You will not believe it when if I said that the information I have acquired over the past three weeks has made me start thinking in a different dimension.

Over the past weeks, I have been able to learn the legal, infrastructure and standardization as well as the economic aspects of the Internet. However, the most challenging has been the legal field since I have little background in legal issues. This again reminds me of the time I was joining university, where I had an option to do law but alas fate befell me. Only if I had, may be I would be able to really understand legal issues well. Anyway nonetheless, we have to appreciate what God has given us.

The most interesting debate in this Internet governance training however, has been the issue of the .xxx registry. There has been so much controversy that got me thinking that the recent decision by ICANN on the .xxx domain registry seems like it may be changing its role of technical coordination to content regulation! However from the arguments I have gathered, it seem like there is a lot of control on ICANN’s governance from the US that maybe could have lead it to come to such a conclusion.

But hey! I am still new to the field of IG maybe I will get more answers to why this decision was made as I progress in this field!


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