ICTs to save Mabira forest giveaway!

The power of ICT can not be certainly neglected. Environment activists allover Uganda are in a drive to stop the giving away of 7,100 hectares of Mabira forest reserve. Concerned citizens have been flooding mobile phones with SMS’s provoking people to boycott buying sugar from The Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (Scoul), the company that is bidding for this land.

Reactions to this step show that Ugandans are ready to fight until they get justice! Initiatives such as use of mobile phones to SMS, discussion forums , blogs and petitions are being used to create awareness and general concern over this act. The Daily Monitor, one of the local newspapers is running a SMS feedback asking citizens on how the forest should be saved. One respondent is quoted saying, “tear gas or no tear gas somebody must organize mass demonstrations at Mehta’s doors and the banks that fund them”.

Indeed, Ugandans are ready to demonstrate their patriotism over this illegal and unthinkable act by government. It is anticipated that this is going to be the strike of the century as every Ugandan citizen is willing to take part to prove their nationalism. But my only worry now is that the government may not be ashamed to block these rallies as it has been doing in the past. But who cares, i guess no one. I have heard all sorts of ideas from people in our daily matatus/taxis I normally board, brainstom on strategies they will use this time to dodge the police and it’s tear gas. Luck goes to them!

Never underestimate the power of the mobile phone!!


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