Ugandans go mad on Mabira

mabira-demo.jpg Yesterday was the most historical day for Indians leave alone the time when Idi Amin dreamt that they were milking the economy and chased them out of Uganda. What happened like a peaceful demonstration over mabira forest giveaway turned out to be violent in the end. With one Asian, two Ugandans dead and several others injured, the demonstrators turned their anger to the Indians.

To be frank, I just do not support riots but for this one I would have participated. Unfortunately I do not work with in the main city centre where such activities take place. Nonetheless, even if I supported this strike although I did not like the end results.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Lillian,
    How are you doing? What a nice surprise, especially since I remember you mentioning that you had a blog but didn’t post very frequently. I was just surfing for blogs by African women and stumbled across yours. This is a great blog on ICT issues, especially as they pertain to development.

    Take care,

    Ore (from the Harambee workshop)

  2. Hi Ore! i am doing well and i hope you are fine too. Certainly, i decided to post a blog atleast once a week. Ummm, i guess i have alot of working to do. Hahaha

    How is Nigeria! I read your blogs too they are quite interesting and keep us posted on the elections. I hear there is alot of chaos going on there especially after allowing your former prime minister to stand for presidency!!

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