Hit and run drivers!

Ever wondered what happens to hit and run drivers?! Do they ever get caught? or do they simply vanish leaving their victims to die or suffer untold pain? Your guess is as good as mine! Although i think some might regret their actions wondering what could have happened to that person who they left struggling for their lives.

On my way to work today, I passed over a man who had been hit by a car. To my amusement, there where some policemen among the crowd who had gathered around the victim. However, what disturbed my mind is whether an ambulance had been called to  rush this person to hospital. Although from the look of things that could not have been the case! This thus left me wondering the role of the police in responding to such calamities.  Of course there was no evidence of the driver who had hit this man who, was fighting for his life!

Only God knows when reckless drivers will be brought to justice. Perhaps during judgement day!


One Response

  1. You know, I just hope I never get to hit anyone, but if I do, leaving someone behind can be more of a burden than stopping and getting the thing wrapped up and finished. I mean … running over the stupid little kid another three times, just to be sure. Then I speed off.
    Kidding, of course. I mean, hit is bad, but hit and run is worse. Contrary to what many people think, it is actually easy to get a hit over with. Maybe we need to tell everybody more about it.

    Curse the bloody cops. They could have called for an ambulance, but that is never a real solution. There may be one coming in the next thirty minutes. Not too useful. Better to wait for the next car coming along in 29 minutes. :oD

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