Saturday boredoom

After taking sometime not posting I am back :), this time to rant about boring Saturdays.

I always look forward to Friday nites but not saturday afternoon. Reason not being able to do some constructive work or even think straight.

Right now I am in an Internet cafe. There are over 20 computers but only about 10 machines occupied, which leaves me wondering what happened to our internet cafes. Is it because many businees people are into the cafe business or is to because people now can access internet on their mobile phones or even at home. I remember some 5 years back, you would go from cafe to cafe but you would either find the place fully booked and you had to be on a look at any one who perhaps had an issue so that you jump onto their machine.

Well, my minutes are over. Time to post this blog and go to the saloon. Pure gal stuff!!!!!!! 🙂 


2 Responses

  1. It’s been a while since I ever entered a cafe. Last time I was there, it was that old thing of hoping, praying, wishing for a free machine.
    I doubt it is the phones – they aren’t that comfortable to surf on.
    Maybe the kind of people who would use the cafes are now on alternatives (which probably got cheaper). 🙂

  2. well guys i havent been to a cafe either in a long time, but i think that bussiness suffered what i would call the ugandan craze for new stuff to them. It was hip to go to a cafe but now its not anymore. reason there is nothing in the cafe thats diffrent for the last 5 years.
    for the bussiness this is a wake up call. we should stop running bussiness as a pass time, we need comitment.the ownners of these shops shuld hav matured now and think of inovative ideas of getting customers to ue the cafes.Alternate technology has come but as it were people just jump onto it and soon they will drop back. remember our ugandan population has alot of people who cant read and right, so we need to tailor soutions for them.
    hope i made some sense

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