Blog Action Day! What Have You Done to End Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day and I’m stuck at my desk thinking that I should blog about poverty trends in Uganda. But alas! I forgot to carry a digital camera to take some pictures not that I do not have any saved pictures. Now, what amuses more  is that my office is located a very busy area -Katwe along Entebbe road! For those whose know this area, you may agree that it is really chaotic simply because of the nature of business located here! (Reminder to upload pictures)

However, just behind the building I work from, are a series of houses that are not fit to be called houses. But nonetheless they are occupied by people. Basically, this is called a slum area. Again, what interests me the most is the number of business coming up in this area. That is from Micro-Finance Institutions to IT companies (my area on operation). Basically, this area is predominately taken up by businesses in used car spare parts and any used thing you could think of (carpets, electronics, toys, etc).

I have tried to do google search to find out whether there has been any published data on slums in Uganda but my search has been not that fulfilling. On trying to search on poverty in Katwe, I came about the Slum Action in Katwe-Kibuye Stand up, an event that seeks to mobilise citizens and create awareness of the MDGs and cleaning up one of the slum areas in Kampala. At least we now what is being done in the fight against poverty. The question is what are you doing or what have you done?


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  1. Great post and I’ll book on the lookout for some data on slums in Uganda for you.

    In answer to your question, “what are you doing?” – I have an option for those of us that want to do something, but don’t know where to start. I work for and recently found out about GuluWalk – an event held in numerous cities worldwide that helps raise awareness and funds for Ugandan children that are being left behind by war. In the past, the event has raised millions of dollars for critical children’s programs in northern Uganda.

    If you’re interested in walking on Oct. 25, you can go here to see if there’s an event near your city!:

    Take care and I love reading your blog!

  2. hey Lauren.. it’s nice to know that someone else does care about ending poverty

    I visited your blog it reads good. There is a walk in Gulu but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it as I will be attending another workshop.

    I will be reading more of your blogs 🙂

  3. Hi Lillian,

    Thanks so much for checking it out. I love your blog, so keep up the good work!

    A few us from were just in Uganda and Burundi speaking to survivors of war. Here’s a video from the trip which is really powerful:

    Take care – let’s keep in touch!

  4. Its good you visited uganda but remember also to know that kasese district, western uganda was / is heavily affected by the atrocities of the war (insurgencies) of 1970s and 1996-2001.convey my message.
    mr.kamungaro faisal-kasese uganda.

  5. That was pretty good, actually. ,

  6. Place the pot over medium-low heat. ,

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