Stand Up Against Poverty

Today is the UN’s official World Poverty Day! Millions of people are estimated to take part in the The Stand up against poverty campaign.  But come to think about it, every day is poverty day for the two billion people worldwide who have less than two dollars a day to live on. Of those, just under one billion live on just one dollar a day. In September 2000, 189 countries pledged to halve the number of those in poverty by 2015. When we look at the results so far, hope mixes with despair. Over 100 million children are still unable to go to school. Each year, 10 million children die before their 5th birthday. 40 million are living with HIV and AIDS, and 5 million die of it each year.’17th Oct 2004 Hilary Benn, UK Secretary of State for International Development

Today, nearly half of the world’s people live in poverty, 70% are women. 50,000 people still die daily as a result of extreme poverty, and yet …..we have the power to change this.

In my previous post, I talked about slums in Uganda. I can’t find the exact number of people living in slums who particularly make up the urban poor! But today, I managed to take a picture to show you a general of the living conditions in Katwe or is it the housing situation.


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