Kampala’s garbage sites

I always wonder who is responsible for garbage collection in Kampala city. From what I have gathered, Kampala City Council (KCC) is responsible for this duty. However, it is common to find heaps and heaps of garbage piled on most Kampala streets. Now that the rainy season is here, it leaves a lot to be desired when it come to garbage collection in Kampala! For instance, I took this pictures on my way to work.

Scenarios like this are very common on the streets of Kampala, especially downtown and in slum areas, where I believe KCC officials just decide to keep a blind eye!

So what is KCC doing to address garbage collection? Or what does KCC need to do to address the littering garbage in our precious Kampala?

Quoting KCC, they write on their website, Solid waste collection and garbage management is one of the key services provided by the council.” They go to further say that “KCC has contracted private companies to manage solid waste collection so as to improve the cleanliness of the city. It is estimated that the per capita generation of garbage is one kilogram per day. With a population of about 1.5 million, this works out to about 1500 tons. The council can only manage to dispose of 40% -50% of this. About 80% of this garbage is organic matter which makes it very bulky to handle.”

I was beginning to think that most Ugandans are just dirty citizens who do not mind just littering rubbish anyway they find but on second thought, I thin it is the lack of sensitization on proper waste disposal that is lacking!

It is a very sight to see someone throw a polythene bag anywhere they find even when they have garbage bin in front of them! Still, this gets me thinking why can’t there be laws to punish such culprits?! Or is it that KCC will handle the garbage collection! I do not think at this point they are in position to do so!

For me, I believe that KCC should undertake massive sensitization of the public about the danger of unpropitious waste disposal, make implement laws that will catch the culprits who just on disposing garbage as they feel.


12 Responses

  1. hope the government would act on this. the ones that are affected here are the kids. they ca be sick because of these garbage. (www.kika.ca)

  2. this can cause illnesses in the surrounding areas, i do hpe the government and people will work hand in hand to address this.

  3. Iam a PhD student at the university of Sheffield in UK working on developing alternative energy solutions for the developing world, i do believe there is an energy/electricity GAP in our country that could be filled by solving the above mentioned problem.

    There is techinologies out there that our country (KCC) could use, like my personal favourate Waste Incineration which reduces the waste by 90% generating electricity in the process (Waste to Energy).

    waste in the right hands can be a very valuable resource, the capital set up of such a system could be large but the payback is quite quick and am very sure our government can afford it.

    For any questions please drop me a line, Email as above

  4. I agree with the December 14th 2009 response. We do not need laws and imprisonment of the culprits as of now. That would be too soon. The most appropriate measure is to turn this solid waste into use and income generating activities. We need to come up with such measures and sensitize the public on how poverty can be eradicated through garbage collection and management. What the government needs to do is to create the enabling environment. However, as we get the concrete solution, KCC can add on the number of bins in the town.

  5. Adding/increasing the number of garbage bins may not be a solution since the bins are often left with over flowing garbage for nover months.

  6. This is just a rotten city with a rotten system. with support from Denmark we install garbage wheellie bins at our clients’ premises. we sign contracts and work with clients, unfortunately KCC links up with Nabugabo Updeal a nuisance company and they confiscate our garbage bins. contact me and I will send you photos of a KCC VAN taking away our wheelliee bins asigned to places were we collect garbage

  7. the problem is not the law,regulations are in place,but compliance and poor enforcement mechanism.beside market areas in kampala eg,owino,nakasero,kalerwe,etc need to be developed or move away from the city centres and may be taxi park, then not all those thousand of people will congest the city and cause those un wanted dumping.but this has been defeated for political reasons,that if you push us out, no vote.

  8. trash cans should be in place

  9. The concerned parties that is central government and KCCA should provide sufficient equipments and materials to help out the problem of garbage in the city both for collection and transportation.

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