Kampala City Council killing Ugandans with sewage

An interesting read from The New Vision Uganda... I believe KCC just doesn’t care about the health and wellbeing of city dwellers.

KAMPALA City Council (KCC) has disregarded recommendations of the Katorobo Commission and okayed the construction of a huge warehouse on top of delicate sewer pipes on a contested piece of land in Lugogo, a city suburb.

The developments on plot M72/3 by Luish Investments have drawn protests from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, which warns of a health catastrophe as the clay sewer pipes laid more than 40 years ago may give way due to pressure exerted by the weight of the buildings.

The plot is behind the rugby club playground at Lugogo bordered by the Lugogo power transmission sub-station, a railway line and Shell Club.

The plot is not only located in a wetland, but is also shrouded in controversy over shoddy transfers and dealings. It was first acquired by the Vice-President, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, in 2003 amid a dispute with Kyadondo Rugby Club.

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3 Responses

  1. On Friday, I was at the main taxi park in Kampala. I stopped to buy toilet paper and soap from a hawker when suddenly a KCC law enforcement officer descended on us, grabbed the merchandise and threatened to jail the hawker if he did not leave the streets.

    Next to us was an open sewer. Large green-brown glugs of sewerage were pouring out on to the street. A few meters away, a streetlight was bent over so precariously, it could be knocked down by wind, hurting the many pedestrians and motorists on the road.

    “What the hell are you doing?” I shouted. “Of all the things you could be concerned about right now, confiscating the merchandise of a poor man who is trying to make a living is on top of your list, is it?”

    “Madam, I have orders,” the law enforcement officer replied.

    Sometimes my country depresses me. It really does.

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  3. It is nice to know that there are Ugandans out there who notice this annoying manner in which KCC officials behave. Last week I went to the KCC Kampala Central Division offices to collect a receipt for the renewal my company’s trading license. I was really irritated by the way the officials there conducted themselves. I went at around 12:30pm but to my shock, there was no one in the office. At around 1:00pm, some guy emerges and I demand to be attended to! But this gentleman claimed it was lunch time and that I had to wait. I told the guy that I had been at this office window before lunch time! So he decided to attend to me but with a very sad face like I had told him there was no lunch!

    I just wondered how these guys do their work. Here I was being a good citizen paying my taxes and the guys were behaving like they weren’t bothered after all the money was in their bank account. Yet, when it come to them “enforcing” the law, they act like they whole world will collapse if say they didn’t “do” as they are “told”.

    This still keeps me wondering whether the same people who give orders to arrest city hawkers tell them to be sluggish with their other work!

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