When politics meets culture!

Recently, there has been tension in Uganda all in the name of promoting culture. It has been going on for awhile and I would not want it just started yesterday or when the Kabaka (King) of Buganda was refused to visit one of his “constituencies”. People in Uganda have always had cultural differences. This I can remember even in my school days when once could identify you according to your physical appearance, long noses from the western part and big noses from the central part. As for the eastern and northern, I can not remember well! The Baganda have always felt superior to the rest of the tribes in Uganda but of recent, we have seen a change in this game! People from the west are now taking on this new “feel good” attitude with the popular saying that “we are in control”. This has caused a lot of hatred from the rest of the tribes. Therefore, the rest riots in across Uganda did not come as a surprise to me!

Although the cause was mainly as a result of the refusal of the Buganda’s king to visit Kayuga, I stand to point out that is was more to this than the “naked eye” could see! One can tell that atleast 40% of the rioters/protesters from not from Buganda. They were instead a mob of youth who are battling the fate of unemployment in this country, Uganda. Also, from the areas of occurrence of these riots, you could see that they sparked off in areas where development is yet to be realized. That most of these rioters emerged from downtown Kampala and slums around the main city of Kampala. So for the president to hold secret meeting with the Buganda king in the name of addressing the situation is just a matter of waste to me! Since the real cause of the chaos is being talked about and that is Youth Unemployment! Thus reading today Monitor headline, I still do feel that Yes, a lot still has to be resolved in terms of addressing the root causes of these tensions rather that just the Mengo-Government politics game!

For us Ugandans to have full harmony amongst ourselves, I believe government should find means of having equitable distribution of resources across the country in terms of development priortisation. Government should go back to redesign priority areas for development instead of wasting tax payers money in form of fielding our dear soldiers to die in Somalia. Instead, it (government) should focus on developing rural areas by providing infrastructural development in form of schools, good roads, electrification, advancing agricultural development e.t.c. It’s through this and many others that we shall see peace fully restored in our motherland.


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